Shepherd’s Pie  Casserole

Easy Shepherd’s Pie Recipe Microwave

Chop – 1  medium Onion –  1-2  cups Mixed Veg  Carrot – Tomato – Peas

Mash – 3 large Potatoes – 7-8 mnts – Microwave (or Boil till Soft) – Peel and Mash

Spices  – Pepper – Salt – Garlic Powder – 1 tsp each

Saute – 1 tbsp. Oil –  Onions – till Translucent –  600 gm  Ground Meat -3-4 mnts – mixed Vegetables – Add  Spices – 5 -6 mnts – till done

Arrange –  Most of  Saute  – Ovenproof  Dish , Top with Mash and Ruffle with a fork.

Garnish –  Decorate with left over Saute – Sprinkle Grated Cheese – Parsley

Microwave – 3-4 mnts till Cheese melts.

Delicious Easy Quick Shepherd’s Pie ready to enjoy.

Note – Use Spices Herbs and vegetables of Choice.   Adjust quantities to taste.

Quick  and Easy Recipe for  Shepherd’s Pie  Casserole with Ground Meat  and Vegetables Topped with Mashed Potatoes and Garnished with with Cheese and Herbs



4 thoughts on “Shepherd’s Pie  Casserole

  1. So sorry but that is not Shepard pie.Cottage pie it is.You see Shepards pie must be made with lamb whilst Cottage pie can be minced beef or pork.Being an ancient English dish relating to hill farm kitchens in both Yorkshire and Lancashire over time since Vikings roamed our fellsides one will know both dishes well.Nothing wrong with your lovely meal just wrongly named.

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