Walk with Confidence

A study by scientists at the Lawerence Berkeley National Laboratory in California, US, a few years ago found that walking reduced the risk of heart disease by 9.3% while running by 4.5%. Well, that’s not the only benefit of walking. Forty-five minutes of waking every day will add (A) or reverse ( R) Prevent aging […]

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Dear Music

the creative life in between

Dear Music,

Thank you for lifting my spirits.
Thank you for reminding me of sweet memories.
Thank you for speaking to me when all other words fail.

Thank you for making me dance – even if only in my heart.
Thank you for making me sing – even if off key.
Thank you for taking me places I might never go.

Thank you for expressing the inexpressible.
Thank you for your healing power.
Thank you for letting me hear the voices of angels.

Cheers & Hugs,

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Not About Calories

Today the headlines are about reducing calories in processed and takeaway foods, and encouraging people to choose the lower calorie options. The report also states that women should not consume more than 2000 calories per day, however everyone is not equal and into todays more sedentary life styles, daily calorie requirement are actual lower for […]

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Cheesy Chips Chana Chaat -Nachos


Sweet Sour Sauce -Boil – ½ cup each  Jaggery –  Tamarind pulp– 1 cups water – Add 1 tsp each Chilli /Ginger/cumin/black salt powder – Cool

Green chutney – Grind – 1 bunch Coriander – lemon juice – pinch Salt

Yogurt Sauce – Mix 1 cup sour cream – salt – pinch ginger powder – coriander

Salad –  1 Onions – 3 Tomatoes – 3 Chillies– 1 cup corn – Coriander leaves

Micrwave – Spread  – ½ pkt. Chips – sprinkle half the Salad –  lots of grated cheese

Sides – Cooked Chickpeas – Slightly mashed – topped with rest of the Salad – Chana Chat!!

Serve – Chips Chana Chat – Drizzle – yogurt Sauce -sweet sour Sauce – green chutney

Tickle your taste buds – Sweet -Sour -Soft – Colourful – Crispy Crunchy cheesy Chat!! 

Thank you Sarah for making the Nachos.

Easy Veg Snack.   No space for dinner after this!!

Last Sunday Eating Nachos with my family reminded of  street foods, cool evening stroll with my dearest friends enjoying Chana Chat. Beautiful memories of Bangalore India.