Every girl wants to be beautiful but what is real beauty? Real beauty is not about the looks, the dress and like jewelry etc… Its not also about the color of your skin, nor the shape of your faces, even the style of your hair. It’s not about the physical appearance but the inside look. […]


Veg Paratha Calzone Pizza Paratha


Paratha calzone

Mix – 1 cup water – 1 tspn. Salt – 1 tbsp. Oil – 1 tbsp. Yogurt – +/-3 cups wheat flour – rest 20 mints.

Microwave – Chopped Onions – Bell Pepper – mushroom – Corn (2 cups Veg of choice)- 2 mints.

Sauce – Mix ½ cup Tomato Paste – 1 tsp. Garlic paste –herbs/spice of choice – pinch chilli powder -Salt to taste

Divide – Dough – 10 equal parts

Roll – Dough in circles (use Oil or Flour to Roll if Sticky)

Spread – Sauce – Veg on one half of Circle – top with Paneer/ grated cheese

Fold – to form Semi Circle

Fry – low Flame till both side are light Gold Brown

Enjoy delicious cheesy Pizza Paratha.   #Delicious.   Filling.  No complaints from kids or Parents.  Easy to make. Supereasy to Eat