Chia-Flax Seed Pancake Tomato Chutney

Chia – Flax Seed Pancake

Soak – Chia Seeds 2 tbsp. – Flax Seed 1 tbsp. – 1.5 cups of hot water for +/- 30 minutes

Mix – 1 Cup Chickpeas flour to above – salt – form batter (more water if needed)

Cook –  Spread batter on hot greased pan -flip to cook on both sides

Tomato Chutney

Grind – 3 tomatoes – 1 Onion – Salt (Salsa consistancy)

Heat -1tsp Oil – Splutter 1tsp Cumin / Mustard – Add Grinded items – Bring to Boil – turn Stove Off

Garnish – lots of Coriander or Parsley

Healthy Pancake with Chutney.   Super Tasty!!  – Gluten Free Veg!!   I love it !!

Note – Substitute Ghee for Oil –  Substitute/ Add Buckwheat flour or leftover dosa batter to batter mix.


Did you know…All about Chia Seeds — The Purple Almond

We’ve all heard of chia seeds, made famous by the Chia Pet commercials. However, this tiny little seed is a powerhouse of nutrients, considered a superfood by many people. (Including your’s truly!) So, where did they originate? Why are they so nutritious? FIND OUT NOW! God bless and namaste my friends.🙏

via Did you know…All about Chia Seeds — The Purple Almond