Eggless Easy Banana Pancake

Eggless Easy Banana Pancake Recipe

Mix  – Flour 1 + 1/2 cup – 1/2 cup water – 1 tbs  Honey – 1 tbs Oil – Pinch of -Salt & Cinnamon   – 2 Ripe Mashed Banana

Fry – Heat a pan. Make thick pancakes.

Note : Substitute  –  Ghee for oil – Sugar for  honey – White flour for Brown

Quick and easy. Children love this.   Mmm….

When Tina was about 7 years old,  once a week, one of the child had to bring a homemade snack to share with the whole class and also the recipe.    This was the snack we made for her classmates and teachers.

She also had to submit a recipe for the snack.   When the recipe given to her she was disappointed as it had very few ingrdients and the method was too easy!!

However, the pancakes were well enjoyed with no leftovers!!