The Opponent is Faceless

Don’t Let Insecurity the Faceless Monster rule your Life!!

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Beleive in Yourself and face Life head on!!

Eggless Easy Banana Pancake

Made this afternoon by Tina. Update with picture

Indians Abroad Desi Videsh Me

banana pancake

Mash – couple of ripe Bananas

Mix  – Flour 1.5 cup – 1/2 cup water – 1 tbs  Honey – 1 tbs Oil – Pinch of -Salt & Cinnamon

Combine – Above

Fry – Heat a pan. Make thick pancakes.

Note : Substitute  –  Ghee for oil – Sugar for  honey – White flour for Brown

Quick and easy. Children love this.   Mmm….

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Sugar Free kozhukatta – Modak – Sweet Dumpling – കൊഴുക്കട്ട

Finally Kozhukatta Festival. Kozhukatta filled with Figs Walnut Coconut flavoured with Cinnamon. (same receipe another filling)

Indians Abroad Desi Videsh Me

Kozhukatta Festival is celebrated on the Saturday before Palm Sunday in Kerala. My cousin who likes to keep traditions alive has requested to share this receipe.

Boil – 1 ½ Cup water -pinch Salt -1 tsp ghee – Add – 1 cup rice flour – quick stir – turn off Stove

Mix – wooden spoon– use extra rice flour if needed – form smooth dough – cool

Microwave – 2 cups chopped pitted dates 2 mnts. grind to paste

Filling – Blend -Ground dates – 2 cups dried grated coconut – handful chopped nuts- 1 tsp cardomon powder – 1tsp ghee

Method –- Oil your palm  – dough lemon sized balls – flatten-  stuff spoonful filling – close edges- form dumplings.

Steam – dumplings 12-15 mnts. Cool few mnts – Ready to eat.

Enjoy delicious Kozhukatta. Eat leftover fillings as Burfi.

Note : Traditionally filling is made with Jaggery and…

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