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Tangy Pineapple Curry

1. Heat Tablespoon of Oil – gently drop below ingredients one by one giving each about 5 seconds while stirring.
1/4 teaspoon each of – Mustard seeds -Methi Seeds -Urad dal – green chilli slit in the middle 2 nos. – about 10 curry leaves
2. Lower flame
Add pineapple pcs 400 gr – water half cup – Tamarind very small pinch. 1 teaspoonful Turmeric powder – Pinch of red chilli – Salt to Taste – pinch of sugar and cook until soft (about 12 minutes+/-).
3. Add dry coconut powder half cup – mix and bring to a boil

4. Off the Stove
Wait for a couple of minutes before mixing the creamy Yogurt 400 gr.
Enjoy this Delicious Side dish with Chapattis or Rice or Couscous or BBQ!!

Note :  Tinned Pineapples works well. – Don’t overmix in Step 2.- Use creamy Yogurt.