Swallow your Pride

When you love someone it is okay to swallow your Pride.  The secret to the  success of any relationship depends on our ability to swallow our pride from time to time.

Easy Crustless Quiche / Frittata in Microwave

Easy Crustless Quiche / Frittata in Microwave

Microwave – 2 cups chopped Leeks– 1 tbsp coconut oil –3 mnts.

Beat – 4 eggs – 1 tbsp. water – pepper – salt to taste

Combine – Veg out of microwave – pour eggs – mix – decorate sliced tomatoes – microwave 6 mnts.

Garnish – Out of Microwave – sprinkle cheese – herbs – Microwave 1 mnt.

Delicious Easy filling healthy Quiche in just a few minutes.

Note: Use spinach or Mushrooms or spring onions instead of Leeks. Enjoy!!