Belgian Pancakes – Indian Filling – Churulappam Kerala

My introduction to Belgian Pancakes came from the lovely ladies of the ICC (International Contact Club) in Leuven. Every Wednesday Mornings we met for Cultural Integration activities organised by ICC. It was the highlight of my week. I met and made lots of friends from all over the world there.

I was so inspired by this recipe that I make it all the time for my children and their friends and children of my friends,  Parents can’t resist these pancakes either.   My 96 year young neighbour friend is a fan too!!

Mix – 3 1/2 cups flour – 4 eggs – 2 cups milk 3/4 cup Sunflower Oil – 2 cups sparkling water – Pinch Salt – Pinch Sugar – Vanilla flavouring few drops – form a smooth batter to rest for +/- 20 mints

Filling – 2 cups Grated Coconut – 2 tbsps. Sugar – pinch cardamom powder

Fry – Pour batter on hot pan – flip to cook both sides – Thin Fluffy pancakes is ready in no time

Roll – Spread filling on the pancake – roll – stack on plate – Enjoy!!

Kids love this!! Eat it Belgian style with  Jam/sugar/Chocolate Spread instead of filling.  Or one of each. 

Total Cooking time 30 Minutes – Total Eating time 0 Minutes 🙂

rolled pancake

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