Easy Veg Snack – Spinach Pakora – Eggless Vegetable Fritter

Pakora a Comfort Snack or a Celebratory Snack?

After a long Indian Summer everybody is looking forward to some Rain. Any signs of clouds or  promise of rain and everyone is smiling and happy.  All other plans are ditched with the main thought of eating fried food. If you are home you light up the stove to make it. If you are outside you buy it from a street vendor for yourself and your loved ones.

Chop – 2 Onions – 1 Cup Spinach – 2 green Chilly – bunch of Coriander.

Mix – 2 cups chickpeas flour -1 tsp. each -Cumin /Chilli /Salt + chopped items with Water – Batter dropping consistency

Fry – Heat Oil – drop spoonful batter to form fritters – turn to fry both sides – drain on paper towels

Serve – Enjoy Pakoras with Chai with sounds of raindrops outside. Blissful!!

Note – Adjust spice to taste. Enjoy gluten free Snack.

This recipe brings back Memories of my friend in Bangalore who used to knock on my door every time it rained with a packet of pakora in hand. Lucky for me my Indian friend in Belgium is always making this Snack for us.

Oooooh the beautiful rain!! How much I loved you!! Pakoras I love you too. Friends you too!!

Spinach Pakora

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