Sweet Sour Chicken with Jeera Rice INDO-CHINESE Receipe

Sweet Sour Chicken

chicken jeera rice chinese
Sweet Sour Chicken with Jeera Rice

Boil – 1 kg chicken wings – cut at the joints – in 4 cups of water – 10 mints. – Drain chicken. Save Stock for the rice

Fry – 1 cup spring onions – 1 cup sliced red capsicum (sweet pepper) – 3mints – add drained chicken – mix for 2 mints

Season – to above add – 1tsp garlic paste- 2 tbs Soya sauce – 1 tbs sweet sour sauce -pepper to taste – simmer for a few mnts. till done +/-10 mnts.

Serve – garnished with coriander leaves.

Indian Fried Rice

Heat – 1 tbsp. Oil – small knob of butter – fry – 2 tsp. of cumin seeds – 2 cups basmati rice – 2 to 3 mints.

Add – to above – 1 cup peas – 2tsp. Salt – 1tsp. lemon zest – stir 2 more mints.

Cook 4 cups of Stock(hot) to rice-veg above – bring to a good Boil – turn off stove. Leave closed tightly for 15 mints.

Enjoy Easy delicious Chinese chicken with fried rice and sliced tomato salad

Note: Cooking time may increase with type of rice. Use Veg of Choice.

My Chinese friend demonstrated this recipe for a group of friends few years ago. She used Leeks instead of spring onions. Whenever we meet unexpectedly on the street market of Leuven, she just invites me for a Chinese lunch. She is so warm and welcoming and so quick making instant lunches. It brings back memories of Guests dropping in unannounced in India during lunch time. Only this time I am the Guest. Lucky me!!

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