Veg Paratha Calzone Pizza Paratha

Pizza Paratha with Pictures. This is our dinner for today.

Indians Abroad Desi Videsh Me


Mix – 1 cup water – 1 tspn. Salt – 1 tbsp. Oil – 1 tbsp. Yogurt – +/-3 cups wheat flour – rest 20 mints.

Microwave – Chopped Onions – Bell Pepper – mushroom – Corn (2 cups Veg of choice)- 2 mints.

Sauce – Mix ½ cup Tomato Paste – 1 tsp. Garlic paste –herbs/spice of choice – pinch chilli powder -Salt to taste

Divide – Dough – 10 equal parts

Roll – Dough in circles (use Oil or Flour to Roll if Sticky)

Spread – Sauce – Veg on one half of Circle – top with Paneer/ grated cheese

Fold – to form Semi Circle

Fry – low Flame till both side are light Gold Brown

Enjoy delicious cheesy Pizza Paratha.   #Delicious.   Filling.  No complaints from kids or Parents.  Easy to make. Supereasy to Eat

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