Gooey Chocolate Nut Cake Flourless Gluten Free Cake

Ingredients -250g softened butter- 150g walnuts- 150g almonds- 300g dark chocolate – 100g sugar – 6 eggs

Supplies -Mixer- hand blender or whisk – cake tin

Grind – 150g Walnuts -150g Almonds –200g dark chocolate pcs to form smooth powder.

Mix – 100 g sugar -250g butter to creamy consistency – add 6 egg yolks and mix

Blend – the above to form batter

Whip – 6 egg whites – pinch of Salt – Until Stiff

Fold – Egg whites to Batter (do not over Mix!!) – combine 100g dark chocolate (1 cm pcs)

Bake – greaseproof cake tin for 1 hour – 190 degrees celcius

Enjoy delicious and moist chocolate cake. Can’t stop eating until the whole cake is Vanished.

This recipe has been shared by my daughter Christina. Growing up she was always making  desserts with jams and cookies for our guests.  Now in college she bakes cakes at least once a week. For Friends, classmates and parties at home. Sometimes  I wake up from my  Sunday nap  to this Gooey chocolate nut cake. Tina your cake is sort of………magic.

Sara and Tina, I am so proud to be your mother. You grew up to be my best friends too!!

2 thoughts on “Gooey Chocolate Nut Cake Flourless Gluten Free Cake

  1. Hi Nimi, Ur daughter Tina baked Cake great. Give her pat on her shoulder on behalf of me. Keeping doing well. Annie


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