Happy Easter – Memories

Memories of My Dad – Apachan

easter egg
This Easter I want to write a few words about Apachan. During my Childhood Every Easter my Dad bought  home a Pink Coloured Easter egg made of Sugar. A big Egg filled with Candies and Chocolates of all sorts.

After coming back from Church, he would gather all the Children around him. Kids of friends, kids from the neighbourhood and cousins. Ceremoniously he would say “Are you ready?” Everybody had to say YES. Then he would throw the Egg on the ground. All the candy would scatter all over the floor and the children rushed to pick it up. After this he would entertain kids with Jokes and Magic.

Apachan loved children. All the kids loved him. He was a party person who loved to have guests all the time. Poor Amachi doing all the cooking (I see it now!!)

For me my Dad was the best dad in the World. He was a perfect Dad!! In my view he could do no Wrong. In the last couple of years since my dad passed many of my friends and cousins have talked fondly of my Dad, saying they think of him during Easter time. Thank you Apachan for being you. Memories are forever!! I will always have that.

2 thoughts on “Happy Easter – Memories

  1. I remember the pocket money he will give me every sundays. I keep it very safe without spending.😊 I wait for every sundays.😀😀


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