Spicy Tomato Pork Vindaloo Curry



Daddy’s Pork Curry

Blend – 1 tbsps. Pepper – 2 tsp cumin – 2 tsp mustard – 2 tsp. Chilli powder – 1tbsps. Salt – Coarse spice powder

Marinate – 1kg Pork – Spice powder – 30 mnts.

Grind – 2 Big Root Ginger – 1 Big Bulb Garlic – 1 Kg Juicy Tomatoes – rough paste

Cook – Marinated Pork – Ground paste – pressure cooker – till done

Delicious Vindaloo ready. Mmmmm……. Love this Curry. So Delicious.

Note: Use Chicken if preferred. Adjust Spice to taste. Add a touch of coconut oil  if dry.

Mummy (Anto’s mom) made this recipe all the time supervised by Daddy. But it was first made by Daddy, a recipe he brought home from work.  The whole family enjoyed this dish. I make this dish all the time and call it Daddy’s Pork Curry. I have shared this recipe many times with my cousins and friends who love it too.

Daddy your Pork Curry is the Best!! Mummy says you are the Best Husband anyone can ask for in this World. How kind and sharing you were!! Your non-stop supply of Tea and Bananas we miss!! And the Jam Buns too that you brought home after Tambola.

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