Korean Lettuce Burrito

salad Burrito

Wrap – Seperate salad leaves from stalk – Clean – Arrange on Plate.

Rice –  1 cup rice – 2.5 cups Water – Cook till done.

Stir Fry – Heat Pan – 2 tsp Veg Oil – 1/2 Kg ground  meat – 3 clove -garlic – 1 inch Pc. ginger  – 2 chilli  – crushed  – 4 to 5 mnts

Flavour – Add to Stir Fry – 1 tblsp. Soya Sauce  – 2 tsp. Fish Sauce  – 2 tsp. Honey-  1/2 cup Sliced Green Onions  – Stir  (1 mnt. Stir for each item.) – 4 mnts.

Dressing – Drizzle – 1 tsp. Sesame Oil  to Stir Fry.

Serve –  Lettuce leaf – Spoonful rice – Spoonful Sir Fried Meat – Wrap to form Burrito.  Enjoy!! Delicious!!

This recipe was Shared by  Cousin Mithun who lives in Holland.  He is an IT student with many hobbies.  One of his great hobbies is Cooking  with ingredients that are on hand at the time of making.  He is in great demand whenever there is a Students gathering or Celeberation to come up with innovative dishes.

Thank you Mithun for sharing this delicious recipe and all the tips on various other recipes.  We had great fun having you with us last weekend.

Tina said she did not get a chance to say Bye when you left.  Could you come back soon, so she has a chance to say Bye and I have a chance for another secret recipe from you??




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