Tomato Salad Cups 2 Ways

Appetizer Recipe  for Party

Salad cups

Cups –  Tomatoes Wash  and Wipe – Cut in Half – Scoop Seeds Out.

Palm Heart Filling  – 1 Boiled Potato  -1 cup Marinated Palm Hearts – Garlic to taste  – tbsp. Mayonnaise  – Blend to form Puree

Avacado Filling  – 1 ripe Avacado mashed – 1 small Onion chopped – Juice 1/2 lemon – Salt – Pepper to taste –  Mix  –  Guacamole

Serve – Fill Tomato cups with  Palm Heart Filling – Or  Guacamole

Garnish – Basil Leaf Or Corriander

Enjoy Delicious Salad cups as Appetizer for Party.   Or Use fillings as Sandwich Spread!! Mmmm…..

Note :  Palm Heart can be found in Jars in the Supermarket in Belgium. Cut edges of Tomato cups if shaky.

This recipe was submitted by my dear friend Svetlana.  She is truly passionate about physical and psychological health. Having had a lot of cases of diabetics in her family back in Russia she is striving to control now her own family’s sugar intake and maintain a healthy diet.  For more information please check  the below link.