Pak Choi Tapanade

Italian Asian Flavour Blend



Chop  –  1 Pak Choi – Chop Stems and Leaves Seperately

Saute – Drizzle Olive Oil on Pan – Saute  Stems – 3 mnts – Add leaves  Saute -2 mnts

Blend – 1 cup Olives  –  3/4 Sauted Pak Choi – Anchovis & Garlic to taste – smooth Paste.

Garnish – Mix and garnish with leftover Sauted Pak Choi.

Spread on Toast or Sandwich  Delicious and Healthy !! Quick and Easy!!  

Note :  Skip Anchovis for  Veg version . 

This delicious and Easy recipe was shared by Sarah who loves Chutney’s and spreads of all types. She loves Smoothies too. 

Thanks to her our Blender has a full time Job.   Our family and friends have endless supply of Smoothies!!

Sarah and Tina you are the Best!!  You bring out the Best in Papa and Me!!