Delicious Diamond Doughnut



Chop –  50 g Cold Butter

Mix  – +/-  2 cups all-purpose flour – 1 tbsp Baking Powder – Pinch Salt – 1 tsp. Cinnamon  

Warm  – 1 cup Butter Milk – – 1 tbsp. honey. – Luke warm

Combine – Buttermilk  – Honey  – Chopped Butter  – Flour Mix   –  Form  Soft  Dough

Roll – Divide Dough 4 parts –  Shape parts in square – Roll till  1/2 cm thick

Cut – Diamond Shape with butter knife – Slit middle  with knife – expand a bit to Form Hole.

Fry – Heat Oil in Pan – lower flame –  Fry doughnut in Batches

Toppings – Glaze with Chocolate Spread  or Jam or Drizzle Honey  or Dust  with Powdered Sugar.  Or Just eat Plain.

Delicious Diamond Doughnuts read!! Easy to make delicious to eat!!  Perfect Snack for a Break.   

Note :  Substitute Honey with Sugar.   Cinnamon with Vanilla.


My mom use to make  similar Snack when we were kids.  I wish I had watched more carefully when you made it Amachi.  No worries, we have a new version now.