Seasoned Seaweed Snack – Japanese Seaweed Indian Way

Japanese Seaweed Indian Way


Chop –  1 Onion – 2 Fresh long Red Chilli

Mix – Chopped Onion Chilli  – 1 Cup  Dried Wakame Seaweed – 1 cup Chickpeas Flour- 1 tsp. Salt

Batter – +/-  1/2 water  mix to above – Dry Dropping consitstancy

Fry –  Drop spoonful – Hot oil – Turn and Fry both sides.

Drain –  Hot Snack on Paper towel

Delicious Seaweed  Snack ready.  Crispy Spicy Yummy!!  Enjoy.

Note :   Substitute Red chilly with Sweet Pepper.

I love Seaweed.  This recipe is another way to enjoy Japanese Seaweed Indian Way. 

Minu I used your lunch box before Sarah or Tina!!