Erissery – Brown Beans Banana Curry

Easy Vegetarian Kerala Recipe


Chop –  1/4 kg Yam – 1 Raw Plaintain – Scrape outer sink only – Chop in Chunks

Grind – 1 cup Fresh Grated coconut  – Rough paste.

Fry – 1 tbsp Coconut Oil – 1/2 tsp. Mustard – 1 tsp. cumin seeds – 2 dry  red chilli – handful Curry Leaves – 1/2 cup dry coconut – till  Golden Brown.  Fried Coconut Garnish.

Cook –  Soak overnight – Cook  – 1 cup Dried Brown Beans (cow peas) – until soft

Add –  to above – Chopped items – 1 tsp. turmeric – 1 tsp. Pepper –  water as needed – Salt to taste – few mnts.  till veg well cooked.

Mix –  Coconut paste to cooked items – Bring to Boil – Turn off Stove

Garnish  –  With  Fried Coconut Garnish.  Mix.

Enjoy delicious Erissery !! mmm…. Mouth watering!!   Eat with Rice. Or with Rice and Aviyal or Eat just Erissery.

Note : Use Pumkin instead of  Yam. Dried Green Beans instead of Brown beans.

Tony Achan’s visit to Leuven has inspired this recipe.    When he was studying in Leuven he was an experimental cook.   He re-introduced this dish in the Leuven community. He is a Bishop in Kerala now.  He was a big part of  Sarah and Tina’s childhood.

This dish was made by my mom about twice a year for Onam and  Good Friday.   I loved it so much that I ate it for Lunch, Dinner and Breakfast the next day.

Thank you Shain and Preeti for arranging get-together with so many people.   Was happy to see Litty after so long.  Harshada your Dokla was delicious.

Shared Memories keeps friendships alive.  Tony Achan we wish you all the best in your Spiritual Journey.