Beautiful Hair Natural Way

Hair Care Tips – Natural Protection for Hair

hair care

Sesame Oil –  1 -2 tsp Sesame Oil – Apply on Hair – Wait 1/2 Hour – Shampoo and Rinse  twice to get out the Oils –  Shiny Conditioned Hair.

Fenugreek Seeds – 1 tbsp Fenugreek (Methi) Seeds – Soak Overnight – Grind to paste – Apply on Hair – Leave for 1 hour – Shampoo and Rinse – Soft and Silky Hair

Coconut Oil – Apply on Hair  – Before going for a Swim – Shampoo and Rinse After Swim –  Retain and Protect Beautiful Hair

Eggs –  1 egg White – Mix Well – Apply to hair –  Thining Hair – Leave for 30 mnts –  Wash  hair upside down in Cold Water – Gently massging Scalp when Shampooing –  Dry Hair upside down –  Thicker Fuller Hair

Yogurt – 1 cup Creamy Natural Yogurt – Apply to Hair – Wait 20 Mnts – Shampoo and Rinse – Shiny Smooth Hair

These are few of the Natural Hair Care tips from India for a Beautiful Shiny Hair.    These  items are healthy to eat and Healthy for Hair too. 





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