Pan Fried Masala Vada Wedges Lentil Slices

Masala Vada Recipe Slices
Masala Vada Slices

Soak – 1 cup Chana lentils – 2 cups water – 2-3 hours – Drain

Grind – Drained Lentils –1 tsp. chilli powder – 1’’ pc ginger – 1 tsp Salt – Rough paste

Chop – 1 onion – ½ coriander leaves – 10 curry leaves – 1 green chilli

Mix – Ground lentil – chopped items

Microwave –  Oil Plate – 2 tbsp. Mix – spread  4 -5”  diameter circle – devide with knife  – wedges(4pcs) – 4 minutes

Fry – Grease flat pan – spread slices – Add a little oil or ghee to both sides – till golden – +/- 3 mnts

Crispy Crunchy Vada Wedges ready. Guilt Free Snacking any time.

Enjoy with chilli sauce or just plain vada slice. mmmmm……

Note : Make in Batches.  Add herbs and spices of choice. Skip microwave step and pan fry slowly on pan for longer.

Festival time – Sweets and Snacks time – Colourful and Beautiful. Indians celebrates many cultural and traditional festivals. Each Family celebrates their own set of festivals. There more than 10 major festivals every year and many- many more minor festivals.

Lots of Sweets and Snacks are prepared during festivals and distributed to neighbours and friends. Hence, the whole neighbourhood can enjoy and celebrate.

Vada is traditionally deep-fried snack which is prepared for many festivals. I was always the first to grab Vada’s before anyone else.

Masala Vada Recipe.  Delicius and easy Lentil Patties from south India.

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