Practice gratitude and Self Care

Practice gratitude and  Self Care 



Whether it’s working long hours or dealing with tensions within social networks or family, stress can negatively affect our lives – compromising our immunity systems and sleep patterns. While massages and spa weekends are a nice treat, relieving stress can be simple, affordable and quick. With that said, I’ll be sharing 5 ways I find my om on days when I’m feeling overwhelmed.



Just a few minutes of meditation per day can help relieve stress and anxiety. Personally, I meditate at least 10 minutes per day using the HeadSpace or MeditationStudio app, and up the time when I’m really trying to Zen out.

Get Moving


Sitting at a desk all day wreaks havoc on our bodies. A quick HIIT workout or vinyasa flow releases endorphins which helps deal with stress.



Practicing self-care doesn’t need to break the bank. A bath infused with essential oils and a sheet mask…

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