Aviyal – Creamy Coconut Curry


Mixed Vegetables in Yogurt Sauce Indian Curry RecipeChop – 4 cups of mixed Veg – (Carrot/Beans/Cucumber/zucchini/raw banana/drumstick/ raw mango) – cut in thick Juliennes

Boil – Chopped Veg – 2tsp Salt – pinch turmeric + chilli in +/- 1 cup water

Grind – 1 cup grated coconut -1 green chilli – 1tsp cumin seeds

Cook – Add ground coconut to boiling Veg – cook till done turn off Stove – cool 5 mnts.

Mix – Cooked Veg with 2 cups Creamy Yogurt – Warm slowly low flame – 1 mnt. Turn off Stove.

Seasoning – heat 1 tbsps. Coconut Oil – Splutter 1 tsp mustard – 2 red chilly -1 tsp Urad dal – handful curry leaves – 1 mnt – add to above

Delicious Aviyal ready to Serve!! Eat it with Rice or Chapati or Just Plain.

Note: Use veg of Choice. Mix colours and textures – Skip Seasoning just add coconut oil dressing.

Every year for Good Friday my mom made several different Delicious Veg dishes. This  recipe brings back memories of mom’s cooking, dad and brothers  spontaneously inviting neighbours and friends  to join us for a meal. I am remembering my mom’s Erissery now, my favourite.  That is a recipe for another time!!


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