Oats Dates Bites – Oats Ladoo

Quick and Easy Bite for Snack Time 


Roast – 1 cup Oats – 1 cup Peanut  – +/- 2mnts – Grind to coarse powder

Flavour – 1 tsp Cinnamon Powder – 1 cup chopped Soft Dates – 1 tbsp Butter + 1 tbsp Honey – Grind to smooth paste

Garnish – 1/2 cup Sunflower + Pumpkin Seeds – 1/2 Cup raisons  /  dry Berries – Roasted – +/- 1 mnt.

Mix – Roasted powder – Flavour paste and Garnish

Spread – evenly on a plate and cut to desired shape – Or shape into balls to make Ladoos.

Quick and Easy Bites ready for Snack time or on the go.  mmm…. enjoy

Note : Use Jaggery or Sugar powder instead of Honey.   Change Garnish to Coconut or Almond.  Enjoy.


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