Galettes De Sarrasin

Indo French Pancake

buckwheat pancake

Blend  – 1 1/2cups of Buckwheat flour – 3 cups Cold water  -1 egg  – pinch Salt  – Smooth Dough – 1 tbsp. Oil

Cool – In Fridge for 2-3 hours

Fry – Pour batter on hot pan – flip to cook both sides.

Filling – Heat oil – Mustard – 2 green chilli – 1 chopped Onion – 1 tsp turmeric – Fry 1 -2 mnt  – 3 cups chopped cabbage – Salt to taste –  Cook till done.

Serve – Spread sauted Cabbage on Pancake – Top with an Egg – Sprinkle Cheese – Fold as you  Fancy.

Delicious  Gluten Free pancake ready !! mmm…. Love the taste of Buckwheat.  Love cabbage too!!

Note : Change filling to Ham and eggs.  Stuff with Fruits for sweet Pancakes.

Buckwheat know as kuttu ka atta in India is used to make this pancake.  This recipe is shared by my Friend Gina.  Last year our families  went to Brittany on a holiday together.   We were introduced to this pancake there.

Gina cooks delicious Romanian dishes and tries world recipes.   However, since she became my friend  many years ago,  she is always cooking Indian food.  Whenever I ask her what she made for dinner it is either Rice and  Sambar or Rajma or  even Dahi Vada!!    She cooks Indian food like she was born in India!!

This Savoury  Pancake recipe is shared by my beautiful Friend Gina.

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